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Thrae's Days

like I have time for this...

So...um, about me... I'm a thirty-something year old. I'm a Canadian. I'm the mother of a gorgeous little boy, T-Fap (Thraesja's Former Abdominal Parasite) and a beautiful little girl, T-Fap 2.0.

I wrote Stargate fanfiction, generally focusing on Daniel Jackson. My fics are split between gen works featuring teamy goodness, and those featuring the Sam/Daniel 'ship (usually also with a side order of teamy goodness). I still putter around with writing, but haven't finished anything in quite some time.

I regularly read Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek Reboot, X-Men First Class, Merlin, NCIS, and Harry Potter fanfic. I tend to favour slash over het, though I also love well-written gen.

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