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So, as of today I have a shiny new laptop but am limping along on the old one while the new one sets itself up, ‘cause I'm just that pathetic.

My computer geek (everyone should marry one of these if they aren't one themselves, btw) determined that making it tolerable would cost more than buying one that is tolerable to start with.

breakdown of my mixed feelingsCollapse )

So, yeah. The new one is four times as fast, has four times the space, is half the weight, and (most importantly) isn’t threatening to burn my house down every time I turn it on.

It’s going to drive me nuts for awhile (f*cking Vista!), but it’ll be great in the long run...right?

Wanna tell me what you really think?
Because I'd love to hear what people actually think of my writing... Don't get me wrong, I like compliments just fine. But I would also like to improve, so if you've got thoughts on where I go wrong in my writing and have been too polite (or too frightened) to mention it, or if you have nitpicks you didn't think were worth mentioning, please (please!) do so at:


Thank you dizzydame for finding that.

New Fic: P is for Parenting (PG)
editing daniel
In honour of Gen Fic Day, and because I suffer from a surprising amount of masochism, I signed up for sg_fignewton's Janet Alphabet Soup. Yay for 26 new fics about Janet! Go check them out!

P is for Parenting
Season 4. PG: Bit of naughty language. Thanks to amaranthtraces for the as always excellent beta.

“You’re going to be late!” Janet calls from the front door.

Cassandra finally stomps her way down the stairs, wearing something not quite as wildly inappropriate as the last outfit. She’s on the cordless phone. Again. “I don’t think he meant it like that, but that’s how it came out when he...I know!”

It's sometimes both a blessing and a curse how well she's adapted to life on Earth.

“Cassandra!” Janet calls again, for what probably isn’t the hundredth time, though it certainly feels like it.

“Gotta go. My mother,” Cassandra says, like Janet’s some sort of chronic and incurable disease. She hits the end button with her thumb and sighs melodramatically. “What do you care anyway? You’re not even going.”
Rest of my contributionCollapse )

In other news, I need to get off my butt and make myself a nice Janet icon.

Because I'm a procrastinating masochist...
teamy goodness
Okay. I somewhat stupidly signed up for the Janet Alphabet Soup, despite my muse being incredibly uncooperative, my son making me run my butt off, and my brain having kissed sanity goodbye several weeks ago. In an effort to get the brain/muse going again (I’ve given up on my butt [in more ways than one]), I’m going to do a writing meme, for which I completely blame dizzydame.

The first TEN people (ambitious, since I highly doubt ten people read this journal) to comment on this post get to request a drabble (um, okay, a mini-fic, since I also highly doubt my 100-word capabilities) of any pairing/threesome/character(s) of their choosing from me, preferably with a word prompt. In return, it’d be nice if you posted a similar open call in your journal, regardless of your ability level.

For those of you of the gen persuasion, either specify that you want the drabble to be friendship only or come up with an outrageous pairing that’ll amuse even you. Otherwise, I reserve the right to have the chosen characters be having, or implied to be having, wild monkey sex.

Obviously I’d prefer Stargate SG-1 characters, though I’d be willing to try Stargate Atlantis if necessary. I might even be able to mangle my way through Bones, NCIS, Harry Potter, Star Trek, or M*A*S*H, but as I don’t actually read those fandoms, don’t expect greatness or originality. Heh. That last part probably goes without saying...

Stargate Fan Awards
editing daniel
I meant to post this back when I was notified, but I forgot. Oops.

Just wanted to thank the lovely person/people who felt my fics were good enough to nominate for the SGFAs. Four of them in all, plus one I co-wrote with amaranthtraces. Wow. I'm concerned for your mental health flattered.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what else was nommed when the awards open up. I love relocating old favourites I'd forgotten about, or better yet finding new favourites I've never seen before.

Here's to the glee of finding excellent fic, and don't forget to go vote for your favourites (old or new) when the awards open.

That POV meme
A few of my flist have done a POV meme where you count the number of times you’ve used each character's POV in your fics. I can’t seem to find an example to steal right now, so I’ll just wing it.

POV break-down. Er, the ones I write, I mean. Not my own. Much.Collapse )

Happy Birthday Abyssis

Way back over the holiday season, abyssinia4077posted a list of holiday wishes. I said I’d do #4 for her. I can no longer see the entry, but I believe #4 was something along the lines of a deep, thinky, review of one of her stories.


I haven’t been very active in fandom lately, and I’ve been even less thinky. Something to do with spending most of my day dealing with a nine-month-old and his various bodily fluids, I’m sure. At least, that’s what I’m hoping. Still, I wanted to produce something, even if it isn’t quite what she had in mind and it’s horribly late.


So, in honour of your birthday, Abyssis, here’s a not-very-thinky, not-really-a-review, not-really-useful set of random thoughts about your Weep Not for the Past. (original fic posted here).



Weep Not for the PastCollapse )

Letter to Environment Canada, Excuses, and a Writing Meme
Letter to Environment Canada: You promised me 1 cm of snow today. I'm currently seeing at least 6 inches, all of which I have to somehow get off my driveway and over the snowbanks that are already taller than I am. And I'm pretty damn tall. You and Mother Nature both suck. That is all.

Excuses: Okay, so back on January 1st I resolved to have two fics done by February 1st. Due to teething babies (two shiny lower incisors so far), weaning babies (see 1st excuse), sick husbands (i.e. the reason I'm shovelling the damn driveway), and general brain deadedness (this one's not new), this will not be happening. I've managed to start another three fics, and I did post some smut, but finishing my gen piece doesn't look promising in the near future. Sorry.

Writing Meme: Saw this one on aurora_novarum's journal. I love writing meta stuff, too.

Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you something I knew, learned, or wondered about while writing it that didn't make it onto the page.

You can find all my fics here.

New Fic: Fantasies (Sam/Daniel, NC-17)
SD smut
Okay, I managed to finish the first of the two WiPs I resolved to post in January. Woot!

It's an NC-17, no-redeeming-features, sulf-indulgent, smutty Sam/Daniel PWP. FantasiesCollapse )

Did we get the part about no-redeeming features? I think my post-partum hormones, combined with a baby who ensures I only rarely get any, are conspiring to send my brain permanently into the gutter. Sigh. If you find it readable, you should probably thank amaranthtraces.

For those on my flist who are appalled by this sort of thing (shippiness in general, S/D in particular, or smut on a moral level), remember that my other promised WiP is a teamy gen outsider perspective piece. Hopefully I can get it to a level that's not complete crap by February 1st.

A half-assed resolution
teamy goodness
Happy New Year everyone!

Thrae's resolution:
Finish two WiPs by the end of January. Specifically, my gen outsider perspective fic and my absolutely-no-redeeming-features S/D smut piece.

There. Now I'm accountable. Feel free to mock me incessantly if I don't come through. Also, feel free to make your own writing resolutions.


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