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Fic: Five Times Nyota Uhura Fucked Up with Jim Kirk and the First Time She Didn't
Okay, here'd be the first thing I've actually finished in about four years.  In a fandom that barely existed last time I posted something. Ah, I'm old.

Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Genre: Gen (an implied touch of Jim/Gaila because canon), a bit of drama/angst, a bit of humour, academy fic, the start of a friendship that isn't one yet...
Summary: What it says on the tin. Nyota has to admit that recently she might actually be beginning to like Kirk. Just a little bit. From time to time.
Rating: PG-13, because Jim's a potty mouth and so is Nyota's brain.
Warnings: References to genocide, including the Holocaust. Less seriously: A touch of xenophobia and a couple of fanon cliches.
Beta: The lovely amaranthtraces, who not only fixed my grammar and pointed out confusing stuff, but gave me the idea behind one of the scenes.

Five Times Nyota Uhura Fucked Up With Jim Kirk and the First Time She Didn'tCollapse )

I'm rather fond of fics that cover the adversarial nature of the start of Jim and Nyota's relationship in AOS without bashing either character.  For my favourite of these, check out Deastar's How Many Roads, or 27 Times Jim Kirk Hit on Nyota Uhura.


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