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My new shiny has syphilis
Daniel Kidding
Or, rather, a 'persistent virus'. Thanks for nothing, MacAfee. Sigh.

I've spent much of the last week getting everything organized just the way like it, all of which I'll have to redo once my system is reformatted and restored to factory settings. I suppose I should be grateful it happened so soon so I A) didn't lose more stuff, and B) still have the old beast to fall back on. But I'm having trouble working up the grateful part...

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I had McAfee on my old one and...I still suspect a virus it wasn't picking up helped kill it. I got Norton with rebates at Office Depot and it's doing so much better with my new baby.

I've heard/seen some freeware programs that are supposed to be good (May's Consumer Reports did a report). I know Norton has a reputation from true "computerphiles", but it works for me, and the ones the past few years aren't the memory hogs early eidtions were.

Not that this is helping you right now. Except you have my major sympathies as someone who's been through this and through this.

May's Consumer Reports, you say? I'll have to look into that. I know my husband loathes Norton, though I'm not sure why. I should ask and see if he's just being, well, him, or if there's an actual reason.

McAfee had a two month trial installed on my new system, which is why I was using it. To be fair, it did tell me I had a virus, but since my computer was already squealing like a stuck pig (with a demonic voice over saying 'potato potato potato' [what do these viral programmers smoke to come up with this stuff?]) and spitting mountains of bizarre pop-ups, I'd kinda already figured that out.

New shiny is all squeaky clean again. Now I just have to reinstall everything. Sigh. I think it's having to redo all the photo tags that Photoshop Elements imported wrong last time that's the most daunting...

Norton has a reputation like Microsoft has a reputation. But I used to hate Norton too because it was a memory hog. It would completely slow down the whole system running in the background. Since 2007, it's not as bad.

Yay squeaky clean new one.

Potato Potato Potato? That's a new one.

Oh, it's not another new shiny. It's a reformatted and restored to factory settings 10-day-old shiny. But it functions again.

I'll probably stick with McAfee until the trial expires, then I'll decide what to do. Memory hogging was why Hubby hates Norton. I'll have him look into the current version for me.

Yeah. Potato was a new one to me, too. And I can't find any reference to it 'cause everything I try searching for naturally leads back to an actual potato virus. Y'know, of the type that crippled Ireland 100 years ago.

Hee! Funny syphillis. Bug eating. Butt monkey!

*scampers off* :D

*nods and backs away slowly*

Obscure Pop Culture Reference #2483.

Googled it. Clearly I missed that Buffy episode.

"His penis got diseases from a Chumash tribe!"


(Deleted comment)
Heh. If I had a cat, and he had syphilis, I'd probably respect his medical privacy and not announce it to the world. My computer, on the other hand, is free ranting material. :)

But I love the suggestion of head bashing. I've never gotten the point of causing mindless destruction and chaos to complete strangers.

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