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A limerick in celebration of my new mattress
Farewell to my back's chronic crick,
Though I'll miss writing pain-inspired fic,
Improved is my mood,
(Helped by christenings lewd!),
Though the credit card bill makes me sick.

Seriously, I may be in love with Chris the 'sleep specialist' (that title no longer makes me laugh quite as much as it once did) who helped us choose our new mattress at Sleep Country Canada.

Unrelated side note: Boo to discovering Hulu is US only.

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They're getting close to making deals with a couple other countries. (It has to do with the ad revenue that keeps the site going. i.e. british ads going to british people, us ads going to us people.

I got my hopes up earlier that I'd be able to see the Worst Handyman show online, but keeps it for Canadians. Dang. I got addicted to that and the worst drivers show when I was up there last year.

Yeah, the hulu site talks about the shows' international rights etc. still being hashed out one by one, but I figured it'd really be about the advertising. Of course, that doesn't stop them from advertising Hulu itself on TV stations I can get...sigh.

I love the Canada's Worst Handyman and Driver shows. They're tailor-made to make me feel better about myself. I may be responsible for the occasional slightly sloppy paint job, but I've been dumb enough to wire a light switch to itself and only itself.

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