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New Ficlet: Popcorn (PG-13)
SD smut
Due to an ongoing prompt interchange I've been enjoying, I'd been planning on prompting someone with Sam/Jack/Daniel, Popcorn. But then this popped into my head practically fully formed. Light PG-13 for sexual situations. Unbetaed. Double drabble.

Sam’s straddling Daniel’s thighs when she pulls back, pretending his tongue hasn’t just been halfway down her throat. “We should stop this.”

Daniel’s lips move to her neck. “Don’t want to.”

She clutches his hair. “Well, no. But you know what’ll happen if we don’t.’

“Mmm,” Daniel hums. He rocks his hips up into her. “I hope so.”

Sam’s distracted by a sudden wave of heat, but rallies. “No, I mean after that.”

“Hmm?” Daniel’s concentration doesn’t waver; it just transfers to his lips on her ear.

“The part where I make popcorn and then sit back and watch Jack disembowel you.”

Daniel’s head tilts back and he looks up at her, his smile incredibly kiss-worthy. “You might want to use the time to start running instead, ‘cause he’ll be after you next.”

She concedes his point by succumbing to temptation and kissing him again.

“Y’know,” he says, breaking the kiss. “I think I have a possible solution.”

“Mmm?” It’s her turn to hum. The tendon in his neck can’t be ignored any longer. Neither can the buttons of his shirt.

“We invite him over to watch.”

Sam abandons Daniel’s buttons and reaches blindly for the phone. “That could work.”


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