My Master List of Fics

In case you're feeling masochistic, I figured I should link all my fics in one place.

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By the way, constructive feedback is strongly encouraged. If you think my characterization is off, my grammar sucks, or my plots have holes the Daedalus and/or Enterprise could fly through, I want to hear about it. I'd prefer feedback left on the particular story in question, but if you've got something to say you're too shy to sign your name to, you can leave it at The Anonymous Writing Feedback Meme. Of course, complimentary feedback is also appreciated. If you really want to make my day, you'll leave some of both. :)

Fic: Five Times Nyota Uhura Fucked Up with Jim Kirk and the First Time She Didn't

Okay, here'd be the first thing I've actually finished in about four years.  In a fandom that barely existed last time I posted something. Ah, I'm old.

Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Genre: Gen (an implied touch of Jim/Gaila because canon), a bit of drama/angst, a bit of humour, academy fic, the start of a friendship that isn't one yet...
Summary: What it says on the tin. Nyota has to admit that recently she might actually be beginning to like Kirk. Just a little bit. From time to time.
Rating: PG-13, because Jim's a potty mouth and so is Nyota's brain.
Warnings: References to genocide, including the Holocaust. Less seriously: A touch of xenophobia and a couple of fanon cliches.
Beta: The lovely amaranthtraces, who not only fixed my grammar and pointed out confusing stuff, but gave me the idea behind one of the scenes.

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I'm rather fond of fics that cover the adversarial nature of the start of Jim and Nyota's relationship in AOS without bashing either character.  For my favourite of these, check out Deastar's How Many Roads, or 27 Times Jim Kirk Hit on Nyota Uhura.

Fic: K is for Kohl

My apologies. I've written precisely squat in the last few months. I'm having a tough time acheiving a work/parenting/life balance, and any creative thoughts in my head tend to shrivel and die long before I find time to write them down. However, I've had such fun writing Jacob and Selmak in the past (here, although it's S/D ship and thus not a suitable read for Gen Fic Day), that I couldn't resist Fig's Jacob Alphabet Soup when amaranthtraces pointed it out to me.

I was going to attempt something deep and profound. Really. I was. Sadly, I ran out of time and energy and thus you have my standard fluffy attempt at humour instead. Hope it amuses.

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Well, this story has one thing going for it. For the first time in my fanfic 'career', Daniel didn't manage to take over a plot. He's neither in this story nor mentioned specifically. Yay me!
Daniel Kidding

My new shiny has syphilis

Or, rather, a 'persistent virus'. Thanks for nothing, MacAfee. Sigh.

I've spent much of the last week getting everything organized just the way like it, all of which I'll have to redo once my system is reformatted and restored to factory settings. I suppose I should be grateful it happened so soon so I A) didn't lose more stuff, and B) still have the old beast to fall back on. But I'm having trouble working up the grateful part...
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A limerick in celebration of my new mattress

Farewell to my back's chronic crick,
Though I'll miss writing pain-inspired fic,
Improved is my mood,
(Helped by christenings lewd!),
Though the credit card bill makes me sick.

Seriously, I may be in love with Chris the 'sleep specialist' (that title no longer makes me laugh quite as much as it once did) who helped us choose our new mattress at Sleep Country Canada.

Unrelated side note: Boo to discovering Hulu is US only.
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New ficlets: Uh, several...

I've recently written a few ficlets lately. Some were prompts from others dished out on my website's forum. Others I kinda prompted myself. Which is a weird but cool first for me.

Beach. Sam/Jack/Daniel. Light PG-13 for sexual situations.

Ring. Sam/Daniel. PG-13 for sexual situations.

Untitled. Gen. Sam & Daniel friendship. PG-13 for non-sexual partial nudity.

Popcorn. Sam/Daniel, implied Sam/Jack and/or Jack/Daniel. Light PG-13 for sexual situations.

If you liked these, amaranthtraces and dizzydame have also answered some prompts on the same forum thread.